Khazaen Port links Omani exports with global markets

Business Saturday 02/July/2022 16:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Khazaen Port links Omani exports with global markets

Muscat: Khazaen Land Port contributes to enhancing the efficiency of cargo handling operations and reducing the total cost of Omani exports coming from the industrial cities and linking them logistically with global shipping networks.

The port was established within the Sultanate’s logistics strategy 2040 for the enhancement of the Sultanate’s global competitiveness. The port works as a liaison between the seaports and the industrial sectors and contributes to the enhancement of the goods handling operations.

It also contributes to boosting the Omani exports from adjacent industrial cities and logistically links such cities with the international cargo networks.

Eng Juma bin Ibrahim Al Maskari, Executive Director of Khazaen Land Port, said, "The port has an annual capacity of more t

han 50,000 TEUs and serves more than 80 local and international companies."
In the second half of this year, the port will witness an expansion in the service of cold supply chains to serve the sector of food imports and fish exports, he added.
The consignments which reach the port include hazardous materials, raw materials from various industries, equipment, spare parts and building and construction materials, he added pointing out that the port is fully operated by a national team.

The activation of the one-stop station for customs clearance, investment in technology and infrastructure of the ports’ facilities and attraction of the cadre for operating Khazaen Land Port have all contributed to the creation of competitive value for over 80 companies benefiting from the services of the port.

Al Masakari pointed out that the port receives the continued support of the Directorate General of Customs at ROP, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources; the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology; the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion for creation of new logistics solutions to serve the business community.

The port would see during the second quarter of this year an expansion in the supply chain services for food imports and fish exports, he added.

He said that the business strategy of Khazaen Land Port is established in various sectors including the oil and gas sectors, the petrochemicals sector, manufacturing sector, logistics sector, cargo and shipping sector, food sector, fish exports sector, car and vehicles sector and construction sector.