National Museum inks pact with Al Siraj Hospitality to operate its restaurant
October 3, 2017 | 6:29 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: The National Museum announced it has selected the upmarket Omani hospitality group - Al Siraj Hospitality to operate its restaurant facility, providing visitors to the museum the opportunity to experience upscale Omani cuisine at its finest, with the focus on organic and specially sourced homegrown and regional products.

The restaurant will provide authentic Omani dishes that represent the nation’s rich culinary heritage and diverse culture with herbs, spices and marinades that emanates from its proud history as a maritime nation and source of Frankincense trade and an important link in the Silk Road.

Pepper and nutmeg from Zanzibar, the original spice island and once the capital of Oman, rare honey’s and junipers form Al Jabal Al Ahkdar, spices from India, saffron from Iran, and foods and bread that are a combination of tastes and flavours from the cultures of these rich lands.

The restaurant will also provide freshly ground Arabica coffee with a variety of Omani Qahwa and bread reflecting the many traditions in Oman including organic tea selections and fresh juice bar with curated taste experiences that is the essence of Oman.

“The National Museum is delighted to sign this agreement with Al Siraj Hospitality an Omani company that specialises in creating such upscale professional establishments and which will provide visitors to the Museum an additional cultural experience of Oman including the hosting of special events and private banqueting. The restaurant experience is viewed as an added value visitor experience to the story of Omani culinary as told in the Intangible Heritage Gallery,” said Jamal Hassan Al Moosawi, director general of National Museum.

“We want this outlet to provide a memorable Omani experience that is a demonstration not only of Oman’s historical past but also of its contemporary renaissance and quality that is all organic and fresh- specially sourced and curated to enhance the experience within the National Museum,” said Khalid Mohamed Al Fannah Al Araimi, director of Al Siraj Hospitality.

The café and catering facility is expected to open during 2018.

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