5 expert tips for maximising your cleaning routine

T-Mag Wednesday 29/June/2022 20:14 PM
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5 expert tips for maximising your cleaning routine

 Face it - as much as you enjoy having a clean home, limited time and energy can make cleaning seem like a never-ending chore. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you optimise your time for better results, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Try these pro tips to help you become more efficient with your cleaning routine.

1. Schedule it

Just as you schedule important appointments on your calendar, make sure to block off time for at least one regular cleaning session each week, so you don't run into the end-of-the-weekend panic or go into a whirlwind of cleaning when someone's about to drop by. Set aside time for a full-home run-through to pick up clutter, dust and vacuum. Allow extra time on high-traffic rooms where cleanliness is especially important, like the kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Delegate it

You don't have to do it all. Get everyone in the household involved in your cleaning efforts. Make sure to be specific and clear about what each person's obligation is, and that they schedule time on their calendars too. Family members will be more consistent if you give them choices about their chores and/or rotate them so nobody is stuck doing the hardest chores all the time.

3. Start at the top

Work from the top down, as dust you sweep away from cleaning ceiling fans, windows and other surfaces will settle on the floor during the process. Tackling your floors last will be satisfying as well as highly effective for a feeling of overall cleanliness.

4. Consider tech-forward cleaning tools

To make cleaning easier and less time consuming, having the correct type of tools impacts results and the overall cleaning experience.Make sure you're using the best tools possible for each job you need to tackle, and every chore will be that much easier.

5. Troubleshoot the trouble spots

As you implement your cleaning process, take note of areas that always get dirtiest or accumulate the most clutter. Typical areas might be "dumping spots" such as near your front entrance or by a staircase. If there's no place for family members to neatly store shoes, backpacks, purses or items that need to go up or downstairs, consider providing a box, bin, shelf or hooks to hold things that would just end up cluttering that area.

With these tips, you can put an efficient process in place to accomplish your cleaning chores more quickly and easily - and have time to enjoy the results of your efforts.