100 Inspire CEO Forum kicks off today

Roundup Wednesday 29/June/2022 13:35 PM
By: Times News Service
100 Inspire CEO Forum kicks off today

Muscat: Today, the 100 Inspire CEO Forum, organised by Alizz Islamic Bank in collaboration with Oman Arab Bank, will be held at Rozna Restaurant with the participation of more than 200 CEOs from various entities and organisations operating in the Sultanate. The Forum will discuss a number of issues such asthe current challenges facing the economic sector, in addition to highlighting some local, regional and international experiences in addressing and overcoming any obstacles that the economy may have faced over the past two years due to the Pandemic.

The forum will carry out a comprehensive assessment on how to enhance the roles of the private sector to be in line with the Government perspectives in terms ofjob creation and contribution to the GDP in order to enhance liquidity, which in turn facilitates understanding of the current situation and developing a clear strategy based onfacts, rather than assumptions.

AbdulAziz Al Balushi, Group CEO of OMINVEST, andTariq Qureishy, Founder and CEO of MAD Talks, will present insightsthat cover several strategic topics on how to build a productive and diverse economy based on innovation, the integration of roles and equal opportunities, expanding businesses regionally and globally, as well as how to enhance the role played by the private sector in tandem with the global economy to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development and meet the objectives of Oman Vision 2040.

Commenting on the forum,AbdulAziz Al Balushi, Group CEO at OMINVEST said “We strongly believe in our purpose statement at OMINVEST of “Transforming Businesses to Enrich Societies” and it is forums like this that give us and the private sector the opportunity to collectively contribute to advancing the economic sector in the Sultanate of Oman. I am delighted to share and receive insight from reputable CEOs across Oman and hope this forum can lead to making a positive change for the sector.”

The forum aspires todevelop strategic resolutions that promote partnerships with various economic entities, and new investment opportunities in different fields that contribute to enhancing the Sultanate’s GDP, as well as attracting direct foreign investments, particularly in light of the diverse facilities granted to investors, including a supportive environment forexpanding the production base of various sectors, and utilization of modern technologies in various fields.

Today, the Sultanate gives priority to enhancing the efforts of the private sector and strengthening investment in high-value sectors with a view to promoting in Country Value regionally and internationally, in addition to creating job opportunities for skilled Omani youth with the participation of government organisations; aligning the labour market structure with global developments to incorporatefuture jobs increasing the percentage of skilled cadres in the workforceby the implementation of the principles of governance, improving performance and conducting assessments in order to enhance performance enablers.