Why wellness travel is the year's top vacation trend

T-Mag Wednesday 22/June/2022 19:19 PM
Why wellness travel is the year's top vacation trend

You're dreaming of a vacation where you can have fun while being healthy. You want to travel somewhere equal parts exciting and relaxing. You want meaningful experiences that inspire you to live your best life. And you are not alone, which is why wellness travel is experiencing huge interest in 2022.

What is wellness travel?

Wellness travel is not a new concept, but it has evolved tremendously over the last several decades. Previously, wellness travel typically meant a spa getaway, and, while spas remain an important part of this travel trend, vacations focused on well-being go beyond massages and facials.

Wellness travel today supports mental and physical health in meaningful ways that can be customized to the traveler. You can visit spas that feature traditional services as well as new options such as hydrotherapy that uses the healing benefits of water and chromotherapy that incorporates the power of light. Other pillars of wellness travel include access to fresh, wholesome foods as well as myriad fitness activities. This may include specialty exercise classes or the opportunity to explore local flora and fauna independently.

Wellness travel destinations are available nationwide and are often located in the beautiful backdrop of nature. This natural setting can inspire mental and physical well-being, and you may enjoy activities such as guided hikes, outdoor meditation and more.

Why do people choose wellness travel?

The pandemic has changed many people's approach to travel. After shelving vacation plans, today's traveler wants experiences that are meaningful and support their core values. Because wellness travel embodies the idea of proactive health that includes mixes of rest and relaxation with opportunities to learn, grow and try new things, it's often the ideal choice for couples, groups or solo vacationers.

Some people choose wellness travel because they are looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Others are looking to continue their current health journey and expand their sense of well-being. Many people like that wellness travel destinations are located throughout the United States, so there's no need to travel internationally and have a passport. In fact, you may be surprised how many top-rated wellness travel destinations are located within driving distance or a short flight.

What are wellness immersion retreats?

Wellness immersion retreats are planned events that you can attend where you get access to a variety of health-related activities and amenities designed to inspire you to feel your best. These experiences vary in length, anywhere from a weekend to several weeks.