International Yoga Day: Key tips for beginners

Lifestyle Monday 20/June/2022 21:31 PM
International Yoga Day: Key tips for beginners

 Yoga has emerged as the go-to solution for staying fit and healthy over the years. It helps us understand, accept, and appreciate our body by giving better controlling power to the mind. As we celebrate International Yoga Day today, you have a good reason to begin with this beautiful art of being physically and mentally fit. However, some very daunting questions run through our mind the moment we think about yoga, ranging from how to initiate the practice, which asanas to begin with, to what to wear and what points to consider before beginning the yoga routine.
 Here we have listed five key tips that will answer all your queries and will prep you up for your yoga session:

1. Select the right place and time
  An open place with good ventilation and tranquillity is an ideal location for your practice. Choose a place in your garden, on the terrace, on the balcony, or in a room with enough space, good lighting, and free flow of air. Early mornings are the best time to do yoga. It is the time when you are light on the stomach, feeling fresh, and not too tired to do the asanas. If you can't spend a lot of time in the morning, you may break it into two sessions -- mornings for asanas and evenings for pranayama.

 2. Keep it calm
   Remember, yoga and tranquillity go together; therefore, keep the premises so calm that you can hear the music of nature. Revel in the sounds of the wind, rain, bird chirps, and your breath!

3. Get into comfortable clothing

   You need to manoeuvre your body. This requires clothing that stays in place and doesn't make you feel suffocated as you begin to breathe hard and sweat. Dress up in such a way that you do not have to focus on the clothes while practicing yoga.
4. Work on a light stomach

  Avoid practising yoga after a heavy meal. An empty stomach or a very light intake is recommended. You may eat fruit or drink a glass of milk or juice before starting with your session.
5. Yoga essentials and accessories
 Yoga is one of the easiest, effective, and pocket-friendly physical activities. Hence, investing a minuscule amount in yoga essentials is not only affordable but important too. Buy a yoga mat that is anti-slippery, lightweight yet sturdy, and comes with anti-microbial properties, a water bottle to keep you hydrated in between the sessions, and fresh towels to wipe up the sweat and you are all set for your class! Setting up a yoga bag with the required props like yoga blocks, straps, or hip-resistant and body-resistant bands can be the ideal companion for your yoga beginner journey.
    These props will be the perfect assistant for your classes and will help you in reaching deeper into the pose, providing flexibility along with maintaining posture and alignment.
    Just like any other workout, you are likely to have body pains after the first day. Let that not be a hindrance to your plan. Continue doing yoga even if you have slight discomfort.
    If you are pregnant or have health issues such as back pain, or heart problems, take your doctor's advice before planning a yoga schedule.