Municipality implements project in Al Amerat

Oman Friday 17/June/2022 12:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Municipality implements project in Al Amerat
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Muscat: With the aim of regulating the work of street vendors, reducing traffic congestion, and improving the general appearance, the Muscat Municipality has started implementing a project (Masar) in the Wilayat of Al Amerat.

The project is part of a series of plans and projects implemented by the municipality in various parts of the Muscat Governorate. In order to serve the community, develop and organise service work, and achieve ambitious visions towards a vibrant sustainable city.

The municipality said: "The project includes preparing an integrated service site for the activities of street vendors in the second heights area in the Wilayat of Al Amerat; the project includes the establishment of (20) platforms for vendors, equipped with chairs and tables that serve the place's goers and consumers, and the establishment of service facilities, while taking care of developing the place by adding touches. The aesthetics and planting of shrubs in the area adjacent to the site, and the work of marble containers for proper disposal of waste, with the installation of (12) lighting poles on the site, and the construction of parking spaces for vehicles.

The project aims to organise the work of the activities of street vendors in the Wilayat of Al Amerat; this is in line with the plans to address the General Directorate of Muscat Municipality in Al-Amerat regarding the increase in the activity of the number of street vendors in the area, and the resulting randomness in the organisation. In a manner that preserves, at the same time, the economic and social returns of the activities of street vendors, in addition to the keenness of Muscat Municipality to take care of the health aspects of these activities; in order to ensure the health and safety of the consumer, and facilitate the roles of health control and the performance of food inspection teams within one environment, in a way that enhances the quality of the services provided, and food safety.

Through this project, it is hoped to facilitate the environment for the practice of street vendors' business, in addition to reducing traffic congestion in the area, improving the general appearance, and reducing random sales scattered over several sites in the region, while raising the efficiency of the place in the project by organizing the entrances and exits to the site; to avoid the unhealthy effects of residential neighborhoods.