Samsung to roll out Galaxy Fit3 later this year or early 2023

Business Tuesday 14/June/2022 08:03 AM
Samsung to roll out Galaxy Fit3 later this year or early 2023

Washington: Since Samsung announced the Galaxy Fit2 in September 2020 alongside the Galaxy Tab A7, there hasn't been any announcement for a new 'Fit' variant by Samsung.

As per GSM Arena, information coming from the Korean branch of the Samsung Community forum hints at the possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3. A user had asked about the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 and when it might come out. The answer to this is, "either in the second half of this year or, if there is a delay in the schedule, in the first half of next year."

The band will apparently cost around KRW 49,000-50,000. This does not come as a surprise as it has the same price as of the Galaxy Fit2 (KRW 49,500). Therefore, the new one should launch at the same price as the old one in other regions as well. For example, 60 USD in the US, and 50 euros in Europe, as per GSM Arena.

Nothing is said about the new features of the Galaxy Fit3.

The Galaxy Fit2 had come with a larger display (from 0.9" to 1.1"), a slightly larger battery capacity, and significantly improved efficiency that almost doubles the battery life compared to the original 'Fit' (which had an average lifespan up to 14-15 days).

Considering that the Galaxy Fit2 is now almost two years old, it certainly lags behind competing brands that offer SpO2 sensors, built-in GPS receivers and more, as per GSM Arena.

Keeping in mind that information has come from a community manager, GSM Arena reports it may not be 100 per cent reliable, as product line-up decisions are made by people higher up in the company.