Over OMR70,000 received through Donation Portal within 15 days of Ramadan in Oman

Home & Away Wednesday 22/June/2016 14:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Over OMR70,000 received through Donation Portal within 15 days of Ramadan in Oman

Muscat: With the spirit of charity and giving in Ramadhan, the donation portal www.donate.om latest statistics records more than OMR 70,762 out of the total donations since the beginning of Ramadan by 16 82 donors. Out of the 24 organisations and associations in the portal, the organisation that has raised highest amount is Oman Charitable Organization followed by Al Rahma Charity Team — Seeb and Dar Al Atta Charity.

ITA has started its promotional campaign for the portal with the beginning of Ramadan encouraging more people to start using it through the website or the mobile app available in Android or IOs. Opting for the Donations Portal for Charitable Organizations, www.donate.om as an alternative would be also secure, transparent and easy to use.

To date, the portal serves 24 charitable organizations including Dar Al Atta, Oman Association for Disabled, Environment Society of Oman, The Association of the Welfare of the Handicapped, Al Noor Association for the Blind, Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs, Oman Cancer Association, Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association, Al Rahma Charity Team, House of Funds and Zakah, Omani Association for Elderly Friends, Oman Diabetes Association, Omani Bahjah Orphan Society,, Oman Charitable Organization, Ghirass Charity Team, Charity and Alms Fund -Al Musanah, Al-Istiqaama AlKhayriayh, Oman Down Syndrome Association, Oman Road safety Association, Manah Social Team, Charity and Alms Fund – Suwaiq, Oman Autism Society and more.

When donors visit the portal, they can choose to donate either by cause or by charitable organization. There are up to 30 different causes one can choose from such as Pay your Zakah, Zakat Al Fitr, Fasting Fidyah Expiation, Ramadan iftar Meal, Donation for Eid Clothes, Sadaqa, Syria Help Campaign, Orphans Care, Donations for Masjid, General Donations, Family Care, Social Care, International Relief, Student Care and Medical Support. Anyone holding an Omani Bank credit card, can use the Donations portal to donate online with few simple clicks.

With the aim of supporting the charitable organizations and other causes in the country, ITA’s campaign is still running through its social media networks accounts and other media channels, inviting more people to donate online through the Donations portal.