U.S. embassy in Oman issues scam alert

Energy Thursday 21/September/2017 22:06 PM
By: Times News Service
U.S. embassy in Oman issues scam alert

Muscat: The United States embassy in Muscat is warning people about a "potential scam" where emailers claim to represent the embassy.
"WARNING — The U.S. Embassy has been made aware of a potential scam involving individuals purporting to represent the Embassy by soliciting purchase orders for solar generators," the embassy reported in an online statement.
"If your business receives a tender request from a 'Michelle Collins, Embassy of the United States' or from any of the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], please DO NOT ACT on this request and notify us immediately via email at: [email protected]," the embassy warned.
"If you receive an email from any company or individual claiming to represent U.S. Embassy Muscat, be cautious. Particularly, if you receive an e-mail from a company or individual asking you to contact them and pay any money, be cautious. These messages are not from the Federal Government," added the embassy.
"Any official correspondence from the U.S. Embassy or an embassy official will be from a properly formatted U.S. Department of State email address ending in '@state.gov' and will have a corresponding embassy telephone number with a local area code," said the embassy online.
"If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the embassy without a 'state.gov' email address and who asks for money, please contact [email protected] immediately," the embassy added.