Shams Global Solutions in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the third Solar Decathlon competition

Roundup Sunday 05/June/2022 10:00 AM
By: Times News Service
Shams Global Solutions in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the third Solar Decathlon competition

In partnership with bp Oman, Shams Global solutions concluded the third Solar Decathlon, a nationwide competition as part of the ‘Shams Oman’ programme at the German University of Technology in Oman, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Michael Braun, the Rector of the German University of Technology in Oman. This year’s Solar Decathlon focused on designing the best improved and efficient energy storage solutions for solar photovoltaic systems.

The competition aimed to highlight the skills and talents of the Omani Youth contributing towards Oman’s future development for renewable and sustainable energy solutions. The competition targeted university students from various universities such as Sultan Qaboos University, German University of Technology, University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Shinas and Ibra, with a total of 39 students taking part. Through the qualification stages, 6 teams out of the total 13 teams advanced to compete in the final event compromising of 22 university students.

This Solar Decathlon is part of the ‘Shams Oman’ programme which involved a series of the oretical and practical solar energy training courses for Omani professionals, renewable energy competitions for university students, and finally solar energy presentations and workshops for the school students, contributing to the certification of solar practitioners and enriching the students with knowledge about sustainable energies and solar power.

Shamsa Al-Rawahi, bp Oman Social Investment Manager, commented: “Through this programme we were able to raise awareness about the impact of using solar power and renewable energies within Oman. This reflects our ambitions in energy and sustainability at bp to reimagine energy for our people and planet,and tostrive towards new technologies and capabilities in innovative zero carbon energy solutions in Oman.”

Michael Tsang, Co-Founder of Shams Global Solutions, further added: “For the last several years Oman has demonstrated a clear vision towards implementing renewable energy projects in order to support diversification in the economy. With this event we are hoping to provide an opportunity to showcase Oman’s best and brightest ideas related to solar power.”

The first decathlon focused on designing solar training facility using eco-friendly building concepts, and the second decathlon focused on designing automated solutions for cleaning solar photovoltaic panels. Through the three Solar Decathlons, the total number of participants were 109 students, with a total of 82 participants qualifying to the final phase, and the total number of jury members were 12.