Decision to lift Covid restrictions praised by Omanis, expatriates

Oman Wednesday 01/June/2022 20:47 PM
By: Saleh Al-Shaibany
Decision to lift Covid restrictions praised by Omanis, expatriates
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Muscat: Both Omanis and expatriates have welcomed the decision of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik to end the mission of the Supreme Committee saying that the country will now go back to normal.

His Majesty the Sultan thanked the efforts of the Committee’s members for their efforts in the last two years when coronavirus played havoc with the lives of people and hurting businesses, too.

“It is the right decision taken by His Majesty the Sultan to discontinue the Supreme Committee.

“The country now can get back to normal and we can all continue our lives like before. This is a big relief and thank you Your Majesty for your support,” Mohammed Al Salmi, a retired IT technologist, told Times of Oman.

Expatriates living in Oman also were relieved saying it is a sign of life becoming normal again since 2020 when everyone lived in the fear of catching the deadly virus.

“It is good time to remove restrictions of Covid-19 and now we can enjoy life together without the fear of catching it. Let us all, Omanis and expatriates, get together and rejoice His Majesty’s decision that will take us forward,” Ramesh Harilal, an Indian expatriate working for OHI, told Times of Oman.

Traders also hail the new decision taken up by His Majesty saying now their profits will start picking up after a loss in their businesses in more than two years.

“Covid-19 has given us a lot of problems. We had to endure more than two years of losses when people stay away to avoid gathering. My business depends on people gathering since I run a restaurant but now we can all look forward to prosperity once again,” Mohammed Al-Asmi, who owns Teatime chain of restaurants, told Times of Oman.