The coolest place in Oman on Saturday?
September 17, 2017 | 12:06 PM
by Times News Service
Photo - shutterstock

Muscat: There was a 25.4 degree centigrade swing in temperatures between the hottest and coolest places in the Sultanate, according to a report by the Public Authority for Civil Aviation.

The agency has revealed Saturday's highest and lowest temperatures recorded by meteorological stations.

"The highest six temperatures were: 44.3 degrees in Qabil, 42.9 in Dim Wa Taeen, 42.8 in Ibri, 42.6 in Sunaynah, 42.0 in Nizwa, and 42.0 in Rustaq," PACA said online.

"The coolest temperatures in the sultanate were in Qairoon Heriti with 18.9 degrees, 18.9 in Saiq, 19.7 in Dhalkut, 20.8 in Jazer, 21.8 in Thamrait and 22.6 in Shalim degrees," PACA added.

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