Oman weather: Hot day for Muscat, cloudy in Dhofar
September 17, 2017 | 10:29 AM
by Times News Service
Photo - shutterstock

Muscat: Clear skies over most of the Sultanate, temperatures will vary from 37 in Muscat, to 40 in Nizwa. Dhofar to experience mostly cloudy skies over its mountainous and coastal areas, with chances of intermediate rain.

"Chances of low-level clouds or fog is expected Soth Al Sharqiyah and Al Wusta, and along parts of Oman sea coastal areas," according to The Public Authority for Civil Aviation. Despite the cloudy skies, temperatures will still be high, Rustaq will see a high of 43,42 in Sur and 39 in Sohar.

Sea winds predicted to be light during the day and night along the coastal areas of Oman, while along coastal areas of the Arabian Sea the winds will be moderate.

The sea state in the Arabian Sea is expected to be moderate compared to Oman and Musandam sea which is expected to be slight," the Arabian Sea waves will reach up to two meters high, while the waves around the rest of the Sultanate will reach one meter," PACA said.

PACA warns "low visibility levels during thunder shower and fog."

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