We Love Oman: Seeb Souq is more than just a place to shop

Oman Wednesday 25/May/2022 22:01 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Seeb Souq is more than just a place to shop

The souq in Seeb is a gathering place where residents, young and old, gather to catch up with each other on the events of the day, to share a coffee and some laughs. It is a hive of activity, and no matter how many malls are built, the city wouldn't be the same without it.
Located along the coastal road in Seeb, Seeb souq is a sprawling market selling anything from stunning traditional jewellery and luxurious perfume oils, to livestock and locally grown fruits.

The beautifully designed souq is huge, so it is best to get yourself familiar with the area by roaming around the ring-like road. On one side you can see the furniture vendors and upholstery shops, known for their affordable prices. You'll also see a few car stereo shops, where, despite their lack of curb appeal, employ some of the best car sound system technicians in the city. Over on the beach side, you will find clothing shops, jewellery shops, perfumeries, restaurants, mosques, and the entrance to the historic central souq for vegetables, foodstuff, spices, ingredients, and meats.

It is best explored first thing in the morning for the freshest seafood and produce. The stalls are in full swing by 8am, but shut down by 11:30am. Inside the souq there are many stalls that sell traditional Omani halwa, coffee beans, grains, and local dates, at prices much lower than major supermarkets. For dry goods and clothing, the best time to come is after the evening prayers, when the souq is back in action until around 9pm or 10pm.

Souq Seeb’s beach has a unique vibe of its own. Wandering between the lines of cars, gazing at the boats and fishermen working on the sea is extraordinarily refreshing. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy mingling with the fishermen who can be found further north of the souq, going towards the new Seeb Corniche.