Turkey, Oman have been enjoying warm, brotherly relationship for more than 500 years

Opinion Tuesday 21/June/2016 15:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Turkey, Oman have been enjoying warm, brotherly relationship for more than 500 years

Turkey and Oman have been enjoying a warm and brotherly relationship for more than 500 years.
We can also see this trend in bilateral tourism with growing number of visitors in the recent years.
Turkish Airlines increased the number of flights from three to four times a week to daily flights in either direction between Istanbul and Muscat in March 2012. And now, the number of weekly flights is nine.
The number of Omani tourists visited in Turkey increased to 14,283 in 2014 from 8,956 in 2013. 1,402 and 2,000 visas were issued respectively by the Consular Section of the Embassy in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, many Omani tourists have preferred to get their visas from the border or by applying for the e-visa, which was launched in April 2013.
As for Turkey’s overall tourism, Turkey continues to maintain its trend in growing visitor numbers. Turkey is currently the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. The number of tourists and total tourism income expand with each passing year. In 2015, 39.4 million tourists visited Turkey and total tourism revenue reached to $31.5 billion.
Tourism provides us special connection and opportunity to meet the culture, better understand history, architecture, language and cuisine. So we will be very happy to see the number of tourists from Oman to Turkey will continue to increase.

Here are some essential facts and figures about the Turkish tourism sector:

  • Turkey is currently the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting more than 30 million tourists annually and continuing to show positive growth year-on-year.
  • The tourism sector has set annual targets of 50 million tourist arrivals and revenues of $50 billion by 2023.
  • According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign travelers arriving in Turkey in 2015 was 39.4 million, while total turnover of the tourism industry that same year was $31.4 billion.
  • By the end of 2015, there were 13,615 registered accommodation facilities. 9,188 of these facilities were licensed by their respective municipalities, while the remaining 4,427 held tourism operation licenses. The combined total bed capacity of these facilities exceeds 1,250,000.
  • There are currently 281 projects in the pipeline that would add 74,130 much-needed beds to Turkey’s short supply.
  • Antalya is the most preferred city in Turkey based on the number of incoming foreign visitors. Visited by 34 per cent of the foreign tourists in 2014, Antalya has over 500 4-star and 5-star hotels in its center and surrounding towns such as Kemer, Belek and Kaş.
  • In 2015, there were more than 165 hotel chains in Turkey, with 15 per cent of these hotels being owned by international investors.
  • Turkey has 7,200 km of coastline and ranks 2nd among 38 countries with its 436 blue-flag beaches; only Spain has more blue-flag beaches than Turkey with 578. There are also 22 blue-flag marinas in Turkey.
  • In terms of geothermal tourism potential, Turkey is among the top seven countries in the world and ranks 1st in Europe with its 1,500 thermal springs. Bed capacity in the various thermal spa resorts has reached a combined 55,140.
  • Turkey is also an emerging destination for golf tourism with 15 tourism operation-licensed golf resorts. Most golf courses in Turkey use Bermuda grass, which is perfect for a Mediterranean climate and can be used for more than a decade.
  • Based on 2015 tourism figures, Euromonitor International has ranked the world’s top 100 most-visited cities, with Antalya coming in 10th place with 11.1 million foreign visitors.
  • Owing to its increasing global connectivity, due in no small part to its favorable geographical position, Istanbul is very much the center of attention with its recent rise to the 5th most visited city according to MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index 2015 with over 11.8 million foreign and domestic visitors annually.
  • The International Congress and Convention Association's (ICCA) Country and City Rankings Report for 2014 saw Istanbul maintain its top 10 position as a global congress destination. Ranking 8th in the world in 2014 with 130 congresses, Istanbul has now held a top 10 position since 2010.

The writer is Ambassador of Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman