Bank Muscat organises Annual Leadership Forum, celebrates 40 Years of Progress

Roundup Sunday 22/May/2022 14:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Bank Muscat organises Annual Leadership Forum, celebrates 40 Years of Progress

Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, organised the Bank’s Leadership Forum for the year 2022 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, in the presence of Sheikh Waleed K. Al Hashar, Chief Executive Officer. The event was attended by members of the Executive Management as well as officials and branch managers from both Bank Muscat as well as Meethaq Islamic Banking.

The organisation of the annual forum comes as part of the Bank’s strategy to enhance strategic alignment with managers and frontline employees, and also discuss various business strategies and plans aimed at developing the Bank’s operations and services, in addition to exchanging knowledge about upcoming trends and challenges and how to address them. The Annual Leadership Forum also plays an important role in introducing employees to the Bank’s future strategy, goals and how to achieve them, as part of its customer-centric vision “To serve you better, every day”.

Coinciding with the Leadership Forum this year, Bank Muscat also announced the launch of its 40th Anniversary Logo and the celebrations of its great successes and achievements, which have contributed to strengthening the Bank’s leadership within the Sultanate’s banking sector. These include providing the best banking services and facilities to customers as well as contributing to the growth and development of various economic and social sectors, and a strong Public-Private Partnership to serve the community. The Bank released a special logo for the occasion, which presents a futuristic and modern view of Bank Muscat.

Addressing the 2022 Leadership Forum, Sheikh Waleed K. Al Hashar, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Muscat, stressed that the Bank’s strategies and plans primarily focus on serving customers and providing them the best banking services and facilities possible in the Sultanate. He explained how the Bank’s customer-centric vision “To serve you better, every day” plays a key role in achieving these goals, and also helps keep pace with the numerous developments in the financial sector. Sheikh Waleed K. Al Hashar expressed his thanks and appreciation to all customers including individuals, corporates, institutions and business owners for their strong confidence and trust in Bank Muscat’s numerous services and facilities.  

Bank Muscat’s CEO also commended employees for their dedication and commitment in taking the Bank to ever greater heights. He reminded all employees that sustainable development required each and every Bank employee to constantly make efforts to better serve customers in such a manner that Bank continues to lead, progress and excel. This will ensure that the Bank is automatically associated by everyone as the leading financial institution contributing to the socio-economic development of the Sultanate. He stressed on the need to implement all the Bank’s plans and strategies in a new and innovative manner that inspires customer service and at the same time, achieves all of the Bank’s goals.

Sheikh Waleed Al Hashar also expressed his sincere delight and great pride in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Bank. The Bank has played, and continues to play an ever-growing and important role in sustainable development and in pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility in Oman. He called on all employees to work with team spirit and continue their efforts to benefit society as a whole. He concluded by drawing attention to the Bank’s glorious history, steady leadership and excellent corporate culture that features a pioneering mentality. He exhorted all employees to continue working with dedication, integrity, accountability and partnership.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Faqir Al Balushi, Chief Banking Officer pointed out the important role that the Bank plays in the Sultanate’s economic and social development, and the initiatives implemented by the Bank recently to enhance financial inclusion across the country. He expressed his great delight and pride on the occasion of the Bank’s celebration of 40 years of excellence and leadership in the banking sector. He stressed on the importance of implementation of the Bank’s customer-centric vision as well as its plan and strategy to contribute to digital transformation and providing the best banking services and facilities that meet the aspirations and needs of customers.

The Chief Banking Officer also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to customers for their strong confidence in the Bank’s services and products. He explained that it was the responsibility of each and every Bank employee to ensure that journey of progress was continued successfully in the future too, and to ensure that everyone contributed their very best for the good of society and the nation. He added that the Leadership Forum provides an opportunity to thank and appreciate the Bank’s employees for their hard work and sincere efforts to contribute to the Bank’s success. He encouraged everyone to continue on this approach and provide the best services possible to customers.

The Leadership Forum also witnessed an interesting session by a leading trainer and business executive who shared some thought-provoking ideas on the current competitive landscape of banking and future predictions, top digital trends, and the way forward. A number of presentations, interactive activities and competitions were also presented during the event and shed light on recent achievements by the Bank. Also, a short play was staged by Bank employees to highlight the Bank’s 40th anniversary and its pioneering role in serving the community in Oman.

Organising the Leadership Forum annually contributes greatly to the Bank’s ability and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing global factors and enhancing communications, leads to further exchange of knowledge and is an important part of continuing to achieve excellence and market leadership to achieve the aspirations of the Bank’s shareholders and customers. As the leading Bank in the Sultanate, Bank Muscat strives for continuous improvement both as an organisation and through its employees to continuously do better.