Tight race for the playoffs

Opinion Wednesday 18/May/2022 19:38 PM
By: Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman, Danube group
Tight race for the playoffs

Which three teams will join Gujarat Titans in the playoffs, that’s the question still on every fans mind. Gujarat Titans who have already secured a place in the top two with 18 points from 13 games can at the moment put their feet up and relax. There are still five games left and all baring Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings all other teams can sneak in the playoffs.

Today’s game between Kolkata Knight Riders and Lucknow Super Giants is important for both teams specially Kolkata Knight Riders as if they lose they get knocked out. But if they win, they reach on 14 points. They still have a chance if Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore loose as that will make them qualify as their net run rate is in positive. Simple equation for Lucknow Super Giants is to win and it might even take them in the top two along with Gujrat. They need to be vary of Kolkata Knight Riders who have won their last two games and are on a high as compared to Lucknow who have lost their last two games. KL Rahul has to be wary that even if the result does not go their way tonight, they don't lose badly to dent their net run rate.

Tomorrow Royal Challengers Bangalore have a battle in their hands as even a win does not guarantee them a place as their net run rate is -32.3 and have to win big. Their first target would be a win and hope Delhi Capitals lose their last game to Mumbai Indians which will get them an entry to the playoffs.

Delhi Capitals fate is in their own hands and if they win they walk in to the playoffs as their net run rate is 0.255 and only a loss can knock them off if Royal Challengers win they go ahead of Delhi. Sunrisers Hyderabad have their work cut and even a win in their last game would take them to just 14 points and will have to hope that both Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders loose badly for them to sneak through but that's going to be a long shot.

Rajasthan Royals are as good as secured with a healthy positive net run rate of 0.304 and Should make it even if they lose their last game to Chennai Super Kings. They would like to win to get a place in the top two and I am sure this is their best chance as they playing Chennai which is trying to give chances to new players as they are already knocked out.

In all every game is important and all teams can still make it which makes this IPL the most absorbing and exciting.