Al Hashar Pharmacy Organizes Beach Clean-up Campaigns

Roundup Wednesday 18/May/2022 18:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Hashar Pharmacy Organizes Beach Clean-up Campaigns

As part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations, Al Hashar Pharmacy employees gathered on last Saturday at Ghoubra Beach with a mission to keep our beaches clean. A positive initiative against Global warming and climate change, a phenomenon that every country is facing worldwide, and Oman is no exception. The campaign was organized in collaboration with the Environment Authority and the Muscat Municipality.

60 employees across all divisions and departments gathered to pick several odd plastics bottles, bottle caps, barbeque sticks, empty cartons, trash papers and several articles.

“Creating positive impact within us while minimizing negative impact of others is what we do at Al Hashar Pharmacy. Small and simple gestures such as proper trash disposal can make a significant difference in creating a safer and more sustainable world not only for us but also for future generations. Our children should learn the importance of keeping surroundings clean and preserving the environment. As a leading healthcare organization dedicated to the wellbeing of the people of Oman, we can play a key role in creating awareness on the importance of protecting the environment. The pristine beauty of the beaches in Oman is always refreshing & can be enjoyed with friends and family. However, cleaning up afterwards is equally important because otherwise it pollutes the environment, negatively affecting the safety of marine life and other species like birds, ”, said Mr. Suresh Gandhi, the CEO of Al Hashar Pharmacy.

Employees who participated in this initiative felt a deep sense of satisfaction as they perceived contributing towards keeping ourenvironment clean.  One of the enthusiastic participants expressed that “working with each other especially towards a noble cause was fun, at the same time enjoyed the early morning hard work as an effort to exercise and keeping oneself fit”.
The participants unanimously resolved to undertake many more such efforts in the coming months.