Beware of fake accident scammers, ROP tells vehicle drivers in Oman

Oman Monday 20/June/2016 21:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Beware of fake accident scammers, ROP tells vehicle drivers in Oman

Muscat: Police are warning motorists not to pay scamsters, who feign injury after jumping in front of moving cars.
Following complaints by motorists, who have been scammed by people jumping in front of cars and pretending to be hurt, a senior officer at the Royal Oman Police said, drivers should drive the accused straight to the nearest police station.
“Jumping in front of car is a criminal offence as it puts lives in danger,” the official told Times of Oman.
He said that if the person refuses to go, the driver should snap a picture of the scammer and report him to the authorities.
“I went for dinner at one of the restaurants in Al Khuwair. While getting out of the area, I drove past a man. I heard a sound from my car’s right hand side door as if I had hit something, so stopped to look. This man came running and got into my car and started yelling. He acted as if he got hit by my car and he was hurt seriously and acted as if his hand was broken. I told him it looks fine, and he started demanding money,” a person who was targeted by scammers posted on Facebook.
Another user said the same thing happened to her when she was driving her child to school one morning.
“I was sure I had not hit him. Thank God I keep the doors locked when children are in the car. He started banging on my windows and shouting bad things... I was so scared I just managed to repeatedly say sorry and move on,” she said.