10 ways to style your crop top
September 6, 2017 | 6:11 PM
by Antara Bose

Though crop tops have been in and out of fashion since 1980s (or maybe even earlier), they’re enjoying a major comeback again this summer. This week we’ll show you 10 ways to style them.

Match it seamlessly with the bottom half: Pretty much as an inseparable set — like they were made to be worn together and nothing but that. Use it to make a more strong statement at a high-profile event. It’ll draw attention to the wholeness of the entire outfit with the crop top adding a bit of the edgy vibe.

Shorts with an extra crop top: If you’ve been working on your midsection lately and are just itching to show it off, this duo is for you. A staple for holidays (think music festivals, concerts or beaches) there’s nothing more attractive than a pair of fitted shorts and a well-cropped top. If you are one of those who like to show off, but a bit more subtly, go for high-waisted shorts.

Under a dungaree: If you thought dungarees are just meant for cowgirls you might want to check out how celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio are sporting them. There’s just something really casual yet chic about this combination (and oh, let’s not forget comfortable). So to spice it up just a little, while not taking away the element of comfort, put on a fancy crop top instead of the boring T-shirts below a denim dungaree. It’s perfect to transit from a snugly coffee at home to an afternoon of shopping with the girls.

Loose crop top over a bodycon dress: It’s all about playing with silhouettes for this one. If skin-hugging attires were a little outside your comfort level and crop tops were a strict no-no, bringing these two together will conceal any bulges and make you fall in love with your curves all over again.

Make it formal with a blazer: An elegantly styled crop top when worn with a pair of formal pants, a neat blazer and stilettos will ensure you ace that meeting with just your mere presence. It’s bold, stylish and speaks highly of your taste.

Layer under sheer: Don’t want to wear a boring spaghetti or tank top under the fancy sheer top you got? Try a fitted crop instead. You could have the crop top end just above your mid riff for some added oomph.

With a long coat: If there’s a crop top you love but are still battling skepticism to flaunt it solo, wear it under a flow-y coat and throw on your favourite pair of jeans. Whether lightweight or a little heavy duty (depending on the season of course), a nice long coat will give you ample coverage and you can always leave it open or closed according to how comfortable you are feeling at any given moment.

Tight crop top over a looser shirt: Perfect for the bustier ones. Go for a traditional white shirt if you want to keep it more sober or swap it for a brighter floral if you’re feeling bubblier, and pull down a black halter-neck crop top over it. The black will give a slimming effect against the contrasting colours beneath.

Hem line pulled up: This is a particular style of crop top that works well for those seeking a little height. Couple this with high-waisted straight pants and heels to create the illusion of longer legs and uninterrupted silhouette from torso to ground.

Wide trousers: Palazzos, harems and flared pants; there’s something really flirty about this look. An off shoulder crop top is a perfect choice to create this look effortlessly.

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