Humanity and mental health awards launched

Oman Sunday 08/May/2022 20:31 PM
By: Madiha Asif / [email protected]

Muscat: The Diana Awards for innovation, humanity and mental health that honours young people who work to improve the lives of others has been introduced for the first time in the Sultanate of Oman.

Held at the National Museum in Muscat yesterday in the presence of Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said, an advocate of mental health, clinical counsellor and founder of Not Alone Campaign for mental health, the event aimed to provide Omani youth with the opportunity to learn about the Diana Awards besides meeting the two keynote speakers - Tessy Ojo, CEO of Diana Award Charity and Dr. Yvonne Thompson, founder and President of WinTrade Global Women and Author of 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards.

“Today [Sunday] we had the introduction of the Diana Awards and it is basically for humanity and that is what is very important about it. Also, we are very fortunate to be one of the first countries to introduce the Diana Awards, so, I am very happy and I feel very blessed today,” said Al Said while talking to Times of Oman.

It may be noted that this award was named after Diana, the Princess of Wales, in 1999 by a board chair member Gordon Brown who dedicated it to the youth between 9 and 25 years old.

On the importance of such prestigious awards coming to Oman, Al Said said: “It is very important for every youth all around the world and I think it will empower them to work more for humanity, think about giving back to the society as well as bringing back kindness and all those things that we were taught about as children, but somehow lost them in the journey.”

“Also, this will provide the youth a platform to focus on their mental health which is a very big thing for me.” The day also saw the re-launching of the Not Alone campaign logo that was first launched eight years ago.

“We are re-launching the Not Alone logo that has been running for eight years in Oman. We always try to be innovative and to bring something new, and as I said earlier that when you dare to be different, it is more challenging, but it is always a joy. I hope that mental health can be introduced in a different and more inspiring way,” Al Said said.

Running for eight years in the country, the campaign’s aim is to educate the public on the importance of mental health and the available resources that are offered to help those in need support.

“This year the team will be working with Oman Post to launch the first-ever post card in the Arab world, previously done only in the USA, UK and Canada, that will highlight mental health awareness,” she added.