Two arrested in Oman for illegal sale of chewing tobacco

Oman Sunday 08/May/2022 09:31 AM
By: Times News Service
Two arrested in Oman for illegal sale of chewing tobacco
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Muscat: Two workers of Asian nationality were arrested for selling chewing tobacco, and the court fined each one of them OMR1,000.

The Consumer Protection Authority said in a statement, “Judicial officers, during their inspection visits, arrested expatriate workers in possession of quantities of chewing non-smoked  tobacco, totalling 250 bags and boxes.”

The quantity includes 185 bags of Ban Bahar tobacco were seized, as well as 28 bags of Neswar  type of tobacco, and three bags of chewing  non-smoked tobacco, and each bag contained 24 boxes, in addition to 80 chewing tobacco ready-made box for sale, 3 packs of  Chenna, and  10 packs of Royal cigarettes.

“Accordingly, legal measures were taken against them, as it was proven in the report that the defendants violated Resolution No.  256/2015  amended by Resolution No.  301/2016  regarding the ban on the circulation of chewing tobacco in any form and under any name, and measures have been taken. Each of them was fined an amount of OMR  1,000.”