Panasonic develops sustainable smart township in Japan's Suita city

Business Tuesday 03/May/2022 13:54 PM
Panasonic develops sustainable smart township in Japan's Suita city

Osaka: Panasonic has developed a sustainable smart town in Suita city of Osaka Prefecture. It is the third town following Fujisawa and Tsunashima which were both built in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

This Suita sustainable smart town has been developed by cooperation between residents, local government, administration, university and partner companies.

Panasonic CEO Yuki Kusumi said, "We, Panasonic are promoting the creation of a sustainable smart town aiming to solve the global environmental problem and make everyone happy mentally and physically. For many years, Panasonic has been manufacturing consumer electronics and other products as a manufacturer and based on the idea of a life starting point, we will design the city and realize cross-disciplinary service and solutions."

"The smart city has optimal facilities like a condominium, a service apartment, a shopping center and a childcare facility," the CEO added.

He further said that Panasonic has declared Japan's first renewable energy 100 per cent town supported by virtually 100 per cent renewable energy from Kansai Electric Co. "Receiving of electricity from outside is undertaken by regular and spare two lines. This residence is for elderly people. Supporting maintenance of health based on personal data is available. It includes a recommendation of ingredients for the meal," he said.

"A careful watching of elderly person is the characteristic of this town. Daily behavior data is gathered by sensing technology. It enables original care programs and supporting elderly person's healthy life," he added.

Yoshiyuki Miyabe of Panasonic said, "Children and elderly people can live together. In conjunction with the nearby Health and Medical City Initiative, various supports for the wellness and health of those people are also included in our council menu. There are many visitors from other countries, and there is also a request to build a city based on this kind of place, mainly in Asia and China."

"The town offers a comfortable lifestyle and proper safety arrangements, including a daycare center, a community space, rental electric bicycles and 4K security cameras. Residents of Suita sustainable smart town can get safe and satisfactory life. It is the happiest life provided by Panasonic," he added.