Golden Palm Oasis launches Eid Promotions

Roundup Sunday 24/April/2022 15:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Golden Palm Oasis launches Eid Promotions

Muscat: Golden Palm Oasis, the only licensed luxury boutique desert camp South of Sharqiyah, has launched its Eid promotion 'Stay Closer, Discover More'.  Only 265 km from Muscat via the scenic Quriyat and 65 km from Sur, the luxurious destination will be packed with on-site and off-site activities.

With the anticipation of a week-long holiday, guests can choose from any of the well-appointed Palm Deluxe Rooms or spacious Royal Palm Suites, with breakfast and dinner plus an evening tea at the Rose Garden served with dates and luqaimat, a popular Arabic dessert.

The pet-friendly resort camp is closer to the Arabian Sea and promises cooler weather for guests to enjoy various fun-filled activities such as sunrise or sunset dune bashing. If the guests opt for sunrise, a trip will be arranged 8km deep into the desert for a visit to a Bedouin home and camel hub. The trip to Abu Rashidin will certainly give visitors a profound sense of gratitude after seeing how the locals are able to get by with the very basics of life.

Guests who would like to pump some adrenaline can take a ride in a quad bike and conquer the dunes or perhaps face their fear of heights with a daring jump on a desert board. Or something lighter would be a guided camel ride. There are other activities available onsite, including an adult and children’s swimming pool.

Al Wadha Al Awadhi, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Palm Oasis says: "I have been running Golden Palm Oasis for a good 5 years now and it gives me immense pleasure in welcoming guests of different nationalities. Omani hospitality is known all over the world and our desert camp has been consistently receiving excellent reviews, a testament to our commitment to providing a memorable and exceptional experience."

Rates start from OMR 70 for a Palm Deluxe Rooms, OMR 85 for a Suites, and OMR 145 for a Family Suite suitable for 5 persons. All room rates are inclusive of all applicable taxes and service charges and are based on a half-board for meal plans. For more information, call +968 9707 0691, or email them at [email protected]