Bookbites: Sugar tales, murder, strength and going green

T-Mag Wednesday 20/April/2022 18:45 PM
By: NewsUSA
Bookbites: Sugar tales, murder, strength and going green

No Sugar in Me
By Brad Woodgate,

Brad Woodgate, self-made serial entrepreneur and nutrition industry expert, is taking on sugar with his first book: "No Sugar in Me," which was just published earlier this month. " Sugar consumption is out of control and has become a health concern for everyone -- it's addictive and completely detrimental to our health," says Woodgate, CEO and Founder of No Sugar Company. "This book is my effort to help people struggling with their sugar dependency. In my 21 years in the health and nutrition industry, I've never seen anything worse than refined sugar." Over the years, the author has turned a $30,000 investment into over $1 billion in sales. Having launched several successful companies over the past 21 years in the health and wellness space, he has managed over 500 employees, launched over 700 products, and distributed to more than 50 countries.

To Kill a Ghost
by J. Warren Weaver

When Erik's grandfather is murdered on the front steps of his home, Erik is forced to put medical school on hold and deal with his grieving family. When the case runs cold and things don't seem to add up, Erik finds himself leading his own investigation into the grisly murder.

As Erik becomes embroiled in escalating acts of violence, a message from beyond the grave activates his hidden skills -- a set of skills carefully planted in him by his grandfather, Victor. By the time Erik realizes what is happening, he is involved in drug-dealing, kidnapping and organized crime. Unexplained murders seem to follow him, but the deepest secret is still to come. Can Erik face the truth about Victor's past and how it affects his own future?  

Awake Beloved and Arise
by Linda Huntzinger Calhoun

From a variety of voices, "Awake Beloved And Arise: Transforming Suffering Into Strength" tells compelling true stories of the difficult challenges life can bring. It explains why life is sometimes so hard and provides powerful inspiration to help us deal with our own trials and be stronger because of them.

From CEO to high school dropout, each of us faces unique challenges on our personal journey. Drawing on her experiences as a leader in Personal and Professional Development, as a spiritual instructor at the County Jail, and from her own life as a single mother while suffering a disabling illness, the author gives practical tools and motivation to help us develop into the person God wants each of us to become.

If Not You, Then Who? We're? Going Green!
by David and Emberli Pridham

The Inventor's Fair is finally here, and this year's theme is "Going Green!" Noah has been tinkering for weeks but he's worried: can one invention make a difference? Join Noah to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place.

If you like fun, informative, and factual kid's books such as "The Magic School Bus," then you'll love the new STEM series "If Not You, Then Who?", a recent Amazon bestseller geared for four- to eight-year-olds. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels.