This Ramadan, enjoy a sumptuous Iftar spread at Bukhara

T-Mag Wednesday 20/April/2022 18:39 PM
By: Times News Service
This Ramadan, enjoy a sumptuous Iftar spread at Bukhara

Diners can enjoy a sumptuous iftar spread at the Bukhara restaurant at Kempinski Hotel Muscat, all through Ramadan.

Affordably priced and with a wide selection of delectable dishes on offer, the Ramadan spread at the restaurant features a food menu carefully curated by Indian chef Ashish Tiwari.

Customers can wash down their epicurean delights a choice selection of enjoyable Ramadan beverages including rose milk, and traditional juices such as dry apricot juice, tamarind juice and Vimto, all of which are a favourite among Omani and GCC nationals.

Also included in the offer are several dried fruits including dates, apricots, and prunes to enable guests to break their fast. The Ramadan special at Bukhara includes both a vegetarian and a non-veg menu.

Priced at OMR 15, the menus include starters, saffron Tanjari, and a piping hot lentil soup.

The non-veg menu also includes a scrumptious array of red meat, chicken and fish to meet all tastes. This menu includes a Hyderabadi Biryani with red meat, spiced liberally with masala and saffron with a melange of Indian herbs and spices. It goes really well when paird with a butter chicken, as well as the other meat dishes on offer.

Vegetarians can also opt for a Lebanese fusion option at OMR 12. Diners can savour a paneer tikka and kabab alyam served with saffron bread. Guests can then tuck in to a masala paneer tikka to keep their culinary journey going.

Featuring six lip-smacking desserts, the chefs at Bukhara have quite clearly saved the best of the best for last this Ramadan.