Bedtime beauty tips for a gorgeous look
August 23, 2017 | 5:58 PM
by Antara Bose
"Beauty Sleep" Animation by Geri B. Sonny

The morning face. No, that’s not something you should be cringing at. So what is it that gets some people to wake up looking perfectly fresh, vibrant and naturally charming while others, reaching out aghast to their makeup kit before posting the morning selfie? The former ones just practice the right bedtime routine and sleep their way to morning radiance – as simple as that.

Create the right ‘sleep’ ambiance

If you’ve been to a spa or a meditation centre, you’ll know what we mean. The distinct fragrance that lingers in the air, the thoughtfully dimmed lights and even the faint music playing in the background – they all have a lot to do with relaxing you. Recreate a similar environment (to your liking) in your bedroom. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine have all been proven to aid sleep. Spray a little on your bed or add it to your diffuser. You’ll fall asleep quicker, sleep better (even if you’ve not been able to hit the 8 hour mark) and we all know that adequate sleep is essential for that healthy glow. Not to mention, you’ll wake up smelling nice and fancy too.

Target and combat imperfections at night

Your skin is working at its best to fix itself when you are asleep. So give it all the necessary aid it needs. Instead of walking around with zit-zapping patches and ‘invisible’ creams throughout the day, use the required treatment generously at night. The same holds true for all your face-packs, anti-ageing creams, moisturisers and so on. The extended contact period will help them all work better.

Perfect your pout

Night is the ideal time; when you don’t have to fight the temptation to lick off the cocoa butter lip balm (we get it, it tastes incredibly delicious) or keep re-touching your lipstick. Give your lips a little scrub to get rid of dry skin and slather on a generous amount of moisturising lip balm. You can even add a dollop of peppermint oil to plump it up for the morning, naturally.

Relax those eyes

Drop the phone to start with; and we don’t mean on your face because you accidentally dozed off while texting. We mean, just put it away before you turn off the lights. Excessive straining of the eyes especially in the dark can cause droopy eyes (and that’s really not pretty). Besides, it stirs up everything in your system that can lead to disturbed sleep, thus sacrificing on the good night’s rest. Stretch out in bed and do some eye-exercises instead. It’s also a good time to pile on some eye cream (and honestly, it’s never too early to start). Refrigerate it for better results.

Drink the right amount of water before bed

Drink too much water just before bed and you’ll be waking up to multiple visits to the bathroom. About a glass or two before bed is ‘right’. But if you’ve been too busy to drink water throughout the day, we still have an alternative. Munch on some water-rich vegetables instead and swap the processed foods with some unsalted nuts. They’ll release water slowly as you sleep and keep you hydrated.

Know your creams

Especially the night from the day. There is a reason they have different labels — they work differently; so don’t mix them up. If you have oily skin, pick your moisturiser cautiously. Our skin tends to naturally secrete oil while we are asleep and using an oil-based moisturising cream on top of that, all through the night, will result in more harm than good. Be wary of what you put on your face during the night as this is something that’s going to stay on for a while and without your supervision.

Avoid salty foodstuff before bedtime

It causes bloating and can make your face, especially under eyes, look puffy. The reason is that excess salt leads to water retention in the body causing fluids to collect around the eyes (among other places). Propping your head up with an extra pillow is another way to combat puffy eyes.

Double up the cleansing routine

Yes, we all know the golden rule - ‘take off makeup before getting to bed’. It’s probably featured as the number one point on several occasions. But is just washing it off adequate? Turns out even water-based makeup removers might fall short. Solution: Do a double routine. All the long-wear makeup and waterproof mascaras really seem to do their job well these days, so it’s best to start with cleaning your face with petroleum jelly or any other oil based product. Wash off and repeat with a gentle cleanser. Keep your facial wipes next to your bed for the days you just can’t go through the entire routine. That way, you can wipe your face clean (at least relatively) even when you’ve already hit the sack.


Don’t forget your hands and feet

They’ve had a day as busy as you and your otherwise always-attended-to face, so don’t leave them out. Rub on some moisturising hand cream, paying special attention to the cuticles and nails. We understand that wearing hand gloves to bed might be a little over the top for most, but getting into the habit of sleeping with socks on can do wonders to those who have dry feet. Massage in a bit of petroleum jelly and let your feet soak it up overnight. They’ll be beaming with suppleness in just a few days.

...Or your hair

No extra tight buns or ponytails at night; it creates stress on the scalp especially along the hairline causing breakage. If you have long hair, braid it well and pin it into a bun. Not only will it prevent your hair from getting tangled but it’ll also let you sleep better as you won’t be fighting your locks all through the night. For shorter tresses, simply tie a high, but fairly loose ponytail using one of those doughnut-sized hair-bands. Wrapping hair in a scarf also works to prevent it from breakage due to friction.

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