Know Oman: Here is what the different colours of water tankers in Oman signify

Oman Monday 11/April/2022 21:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Know Oman: Here is what the different colours of water tankers in Oman signify

Muscat: If you’ve ever wondered why water tankers in Oman are painted in three different colours, it is to distinguish them on the basis of what they transport.

Laws governing the registration of vehicles that transport water state that water tankers shall be painted blue if they transport potable water (i.e. that which is fit for drinking), green if they carry non-potable water and yellow if they are sewage carriers.

Furthermore, clear and distinct lettering must be used to mark all these vehicles so that the contents of what they carry are easily understood by all.

The phrase ‘potable water’ must be written in white on both sides of a blue tanker, while green trucks must have the words ‘non-potable water’ in yellow and sewage carriers must have the ‘sewage water’ written in black.

The rules regarding water carrier colours are governed by Local Ordinance No. 21/90, which determines colours that distinguish water transportation vehicles and was issued by the Diwan of Royal Court, which supervises Muscat Municipality.

“The municipality shall maintain a record of registration of all the vehicles used for transporting water and determine the colour of such vehicles,” says he text of the law.

The municipality will determine the degree and density of each colour mentioned above. Furthermore, the owners of water carriers and sewage tankers shall repaint the vehicle whenever the colour on them fades or changes due to natural factors.

“All vehicle owners shall repaint them in a way agreeable with the provisions before the date of licence renewal with the police,” added the local ordinance.

“Whoever violates any of the above mentioned provisions shall pay a fine of not more than OMR50 towards the first and second offences and imprisonment of not more than two months and a fine of not more than OMR100, or any of these punishments for the third violation or any subsequent violation.”