Agreement signed for Duqm’s first business district

Business Monday 11/April/2022 15:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Agreement signed for Duqm’s first business district

Muscat: Maysan Properties signed an agreement with Khimji Ramdas for the first phase of construction of the Maysan Square project in Duqm.The project will include 20 buildings constructed across five phases within Oman’s first lifestyle business district which is located within the Special Economic Zone of Duqm.

Sadiq Jaffer Sulaiman, CEO of Maysan Properties and Hritik Khimji, director of Khimji Ramdas signed the agreement.

Sadiq Sulaiman said that there is a demand for quality office spaces in the region, which is expected to see population growth of around 200,000 over the years. He added, “Duqm is quietly emerging as one of the fastest-growing economic hubs in the region. The response has been impressive from investors despite the pressures of the pandemic that prevailed for most of the past year. We aim to deliver and create an iconic business district.”

“Khimji Ramdas is pleased to associate with Maysan Properties on one of its renowned projects (Maysan Square). We believe that Maysan Square plays an important part in Duqm’s importance as a vital business, logistics and industrial hub in the Sultanate and the region,” said Hritik Khimji.

Abdul Fattah Joudi, CEO, Lines and Vision, the architectural and engineering consulting firm for Maysan Square, “Our aim isn’t only to keep up with the changing trends in the industry, but also aspire to influence them and contribute to the advancement of architecture in the region. Maysan Square - Duqm is certainly one of our prestigious projects in the region.”

The project’s first phase consists of an office complex with three wings and is comprised of 258 units that are divided between offices and retail spaces. All units are available to all nationalities for purchase with the benefit of having a residency visa and operating in a tax-free zone. The complex will be built on a built-up area of 25,500 m2 over a construction period of 24 months.

Maysan Square as a business district includes an office complex, residential apartments, a business hotel, entertainment venues and many other facilities that will be constructed in stages according to the growing demand in the Special Economic Zone of Duqm.
Around 50 per cent of the 100,000sqm plot will be public urban spaces that will have retail frontage and a green boulevard connected via multiple pedestrian boulevards. This will facilitate easy access and the seamless outdoor-to-indoor flow of pedestrians.

Maysan Square aims to promote the fluid interaction of the business community through its open space architecture and multi-functional areas for day and night use.
Beyond the workspace, Maysan Square will satisfy the lifestyle needs of its people with a range of additional facilities including various retail options, food and beverage choices, as well as entertainment and service amenities that aim to help to boost productivity and workplace wellbeing.

With cargo vessels bound for East-West and North-South crisscrossing the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, Duqm provides easy access to all major shipping lanes in Asia and Africa. Within Duqm, Maysan Square is strategically situated between two main highways to ensure convenient access and effective traffic management around the site. It will be surrounded by some prestigious industrial landmarks - the Port of Duqm, Duqm Refinery, hotel properties, miles of pristine beaches and strong winds that often negate the extreme heat of the summer.

Maysan Square offers residency visas to all its buyers. As it is located within the Special Economic Zone of Duqm, the project offers investors additional benefits with regard to tax and fees exemptions, among others.