Pakistan envoy finds some traits of Pakistani nationals in Oman ‘unique’

Oman Sunday 03/April/2022 21:02 PM
By: Madiha Asif / [email protected]
Pakistan envoy finds some traits of Pakistani nationals in Oman ‘unique’
H.E. Muhammed Imran Ali Chaudhary, Ambassador of Pakistan to Oman

Muscat: Pakistani nationals living in the Sultanate of Oman are eager to improve the lives of blue-collared countrymen, noted the Ambassador of Pakistan.

Talking exclusively to TTV on its weekly show, T-Talk, H.E. Muhammed Imran Ali Chaudhary, Ambassador of Pakistan to Oman, said he noted some unique traits of Pakistani nationals living in Oman which includes helping the needy fellow countrymen.

“The good things are that some of the Pakistani nationals have done very well in Oman and all of them want to do something.They may not be sure, but they certainly want to do something for those Pakistanis who are in blue-collar jobs.

“This feeling of everyone wanting to do something, I found unique in the Pakistanis living in Oman,” the Ambassador noted.

He added that the other thing he has observed so far is that “they [Pakistani nationals] are very law abiding.”

Furthermore, talking about the feedback he has received as the newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan, he said: “The feedback I have got is that everybody I have met has been here for 30 years, 15 years or 10 years – these are pretty long periods of time.

Peace and calm
“I always ask them if they did not want to go to European or North American countries or elsewhere, but they said no, there is a strange peace and calm in this country.”

He also praised the efforts of the former Ambassador and his team as well as the community in Oman for delivering exceptional services during the time of the pandemic and reaching out to those who lost their jobs owing to COVID-19.

Good combination
“The embassy and the community combined very well. From what I studied here, the embassy and the community helped a lot of people during the pandemic.

“And I think about 15,000 Pakistanis were removed or repatriated at that time.

“Again, the Government of Oman was very generous in waving off conditions for going out. So, they [Pakistani nationals] went out on maybe 40 flights scheduled from Oman to Pakistan,” the Ambassador shared, adding that “God forbid, if anything of that magnitude hits us, we will do the same. Hats off to the previous Ambassador of Pakistan and the officers working under him.”

Lastly, the Pakistani envoy praised the efforts made by both Oman and Pakistan in tackling and curbing the spread of Covid-19 in their respective countries.

Done very well
“I feel very encouraged by the fact that both countries have dealt with COVID-19 in one of the most successful ways as compared to the rest of the world. The Sultanate of Oman has done very well and so has Pakistan. And I think in both these countries as well as the rest of the world, we are past the last variant; now let’s hope another variant doesn’t come up,” he said.