Yemen's Houthis welcome two-month truce proposed by UN

World Saturday 02/April/2022 08:35 AM
Yemen's Houthis welcome two-month truce proposed by UN
Thousands of people have been killed in the war in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world.

Sanna : Yemen's rebel Ansar Allah movement, also known as the Houthis, welcomes the two-month truce proposed by the United Nations to the sides to the Yemeni conflict, the movement's chief negotiator at talks with the government, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said on Friday.

Earlier in the day, UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said that the sides to the Yemen conflict have agreed to a two-month halt of all offensive military operations. "We welcome the two-month humanitarian ceasefire under the auspices of the UN, declared by the UN special envoy for Yemen [Hans Grundberg]," Abdulsalam said.

According to him, during the truce, the Sanaa International Airport will be open for a number of flights and the port of Al Hudaydah will be open for a number of ships delivering petroleum.

The conflict between the Yemeni government forces and the Houthis has been going on since 2014. The situation was further aggravated in 2015 after a coalition led by Saudi Arabia joined the conflict on the Yemeni government's side and began conducting air, land and sea operations against the Islamist rebel movement. The Houthis often retaliate by firing projectiles and drones at Saudi and UAE oil facilities.

Last month, the Houthis intensified their attacks after Saudi Arabia executed 81 people, including three Yemeni prisoners of war.