Wellness homes not just a trend but the need of the hour

T-Mag Wednesday 30/March/2022 19:50 PM
Wellness homes not just a trend but the need of the hour

Addressing the aftermath of the pandemic, people are now seeking wellness as a factor, while taking every major decision such as home buying. The recent pandemic brought in substantial issues that posed a threat to people in terms of health and well-being. The very word wellness has amplified the increasing attention of homebuyers, driving them towards more lifestyle-oriented choices.
Wellness housing communities primarily incorporate certain essential characteristics massively emphasizing on human health and progress. Some of the key features of wellness communities include adequate space, eco-friendly ambience with good air quality, along with amenities that offer a safe and healthy environment promoting a holistic lifestyle.

Taking the centre stage, the need for enhanced well-being within exclusive amenities has witnessed a multifold increase. Homes are being conceptualized in order to provide the best of wellness while offering a slice of life to the homebuyers. With a plethora of features like walking trails,  green environment, pollution-free air and neighbourhood, to innovations like dedicated spaces for meditation, reflexology pathways, unique wellness features, organic and herb gardens, yoga courts, oxygen-infused clubhouses, chlorine-free gyms, and vitamin-C showers that promote a robust living have become the homebuyer's favourite.
 Furthermore , a spacious lawn to walk and exercise, a well-designed sports arena apart from a protected gated community provides consumers with a holistic and healthy atmosphere which all seemingly sums up to be a delightful cocktail of preferences among residents. A therapeutic feel which induces positivity, thereby uplifting the physical and mental wellbeing of the user as a long-term prospect is considered to be a crucial parameter. Field and floor plan designs along with superior and reliable quality furnishings exhibit a world-class elegance to these properties. While the pandemic had paused every day's activities, it also drew remote working into our lives.
 With these unprecedented circumstances, people are staying indoors round the clock, where the parameter of healthy ventilation becomes a prerequisite. Healthy air purifiers inside bedrooms and top branded and elite quality of equipment in terms of wood, fittings, lighting etc. add to the wonderful ambience indoors. A spacious home is indispensable to the user since the occupant will have the privilege to allocate separate space for setting up his or her preferred activities.

Although the concept of eco-friendly housing is not new for us, it has surely been a very favoured choice amongst homebuyers and developers, especially in an urban, educated and elite community. Advanced technologies are turning eco-friendly to offset the carbon footprint in our environment while fostering sustainable yet premium materials in building properties and designs. Eco-smart swimming pools, oxygenated gymnasiums and play areas are some added features in such properties  While wellness-community prevails among builders and homebuyers', even experts from the healthcare industry consider the wellness community to be more effective and transformational in people's lives.  Establishing a robust connection with nature is also a significant component in this theme. Psychologists view the influence of wellness communities from different aspects, "modelling", being the first. People tend to model people who live around them and with those with whom they can associate.

Such instances of modelling are noticeable in the maintenance of safety precautions during the COVID 19 pandemic. As both nature and nurture are crucial for health, wellness communities become vital for better living. These communities also facilitate social infrastructure that help people navigate their interests and regulate their emotions, on the same track. In addition, allowing space for diversification and distinct perceptions. Finally, it enables people to have a sense of belonging and a sense of security from the unknown.