#OmanPride: Hard work pays, says Omani motivational speaker

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By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Hard work pays, says Omani motivational speaker

Muscat: Mutassem Sultan Al Sharji, a motivational speaker, is a hidden gem in this beautiful nation.
From accomplishing himself at school and excelling at university in Australia, to leaving a well paid and settled job in a government company to explore more and challenge himself further, this man has done it all.
He was recently featured in a book entitled “Arabs Unseen,” along with 10 other personalities from across the Arab world. The book was launched in January this year.
The book is authored by Mohammed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi, a prominent Omani, who is a Harvard graduate and the executive chairman of Investcorp, the chairman of the National Bank of Oman and former native head of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO).
Growing up in a religious family, with a well read father, who was his main source of inspiration, Al Sharji was nurtured with good values and a love for reading, a habit which helped him get through school with excellent grades.
Cultural understanding
After completing his school education, he moved to Curtin University of Technology in Australia where he mingled with students from different religions, ethnicities and backgrounds, a phase that helped him become more tolerant and develop a good cultural understanding.
When he returned to Oman, Al Sharji was offered a job with a government tech company. Despite being paid well in his new office, Al Sharji did not get comfortable in the work zone, and always looked forward to exploring all the riches the world had to offer.
With such thoughts in mind, he quit his job, upsetting friends and family who were against the decision.
“I left the job because it lacked intellectual stimulation and challenges, I didn’t feel that there was much meaning in the job and I wanted to be out there inspiring the world, and I always felt like I was not working up to my full potential.”
He later started an organisation called “Enriching Experience,” a knowledge sharing entity, through which he aims to create a platform for people to share and receive knowledge, for the purpose of enriching the mind.
“What makes it unique is the culture we’ve created, with no intention to debate but instead to learn from each other and grow.”
At 28, married with a beautiful wife, Al Sharji is also working with consultancy apart from managing his organisation.
“I’m working with a proper management consultancy in the field of consultancy and training. I’m also working as a part-time consultant for the Qatari organisation: Silatech. Moreover, I’m coaching karate twice a week, more to come after Eid,” he said happily.
Although it was a challenge setting up his organisation, he has overcome all difficulties with persistence and patience.
Enriching Experience
“To be honest, it was tough in the beginning and we, the members of Enriching Experience, had to contribute money from our own pockets to conduct the first event in 2015. But things got better this year and we were able to get sponsorship from the National Bank of Oman for our annual event. Hard work with dedication and the mindset to ‘just do it’ always pays off in the end.”
Al Sharji now plans to encourage reading among the Omani population through the upcoming EE Intellectuals Programme and by creating reading clubs.
His biggest support has been the late religious scholar and motivational speaker, Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry.
Inspiring legends
“Khalfan Al Esry (May Allah have mercy on him) is my number one inspiration. My parents, older siblings, my cousin Ali Khalid and the inspiring legends, who changed the world, including Muhammed Ali, motivate me.”
Al Sharji said religion has played a huge role in his life, “I was brought up in a religious household and I would say that the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) inspired me a lot to seek wisdom and live with integrity and according to a set of moral standards.”
Leadership positions
A visionary, Al Sharji also wants to see more Omanis take up leadership positions across the world. “I would love to see people more empowered in their careers (regardless of what that is), even if it was something not recognized as a career, such as raising children. I dream of seeing Omanis becoming thought leaders in the region and the world. I dream that we have more of those who contribute to the intellectual discussion in various fields around the world be it scientific, social or political.”
His last words, “My advice for the younger generation is to constantly clarify your ambitions in life, to work hard and to be patient. Good things are destined to be recognized and come. Don’t be fooled by an overnight success, especially with the ideals of social media popularity. We all have our insecurities and we are all perfect with our imperfections.”