Public Authority of Crafts Industries in Oman registers 60 new patents

Energy Sunday 13/August/2017 22:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Public Authority of Crafts Industries in Oman registers 60 new patents

Muscat: Traditional Omani innovation experienced a fillip after the Public Authority of Crafts Industries (PACI), said it had registered 60 new designs.
“PACI has registered a group of craft classifications for more than 60 PACI designs,” a statement by the authority said. Of PACI’s 60 designs, fifty-two are of copper, while the rest either use date tree leaves, bark, or bone, including an entire chess board made of white bone and darkened coconut husks.
“The importance of registering classifications stems from our goal to develop crafts-related performance and artistry on a regional and international level,” continued the statement.
These designs were all made within PACI itself, said a spokesperson. “To make things clear, these patents are a preliminary step. They have not been sent to the production cycle yet.
There is a separate process for a person, who owns his own craft designs. These were designed by us. Now, we can go ahead and put out a production line protected by copyright at our training centres, or even train craftsmen and women to create products, based on these designs.”
Sheikha Aisha bint Khalfan al Siyabi also formed a committee to oversee intellectual property applications, according to the statement. Article 1 of the decision was related to artistic oversight, while the second article spoke of the committee’s duty to classifying applications into categories, including the trademarking of designs.
“These were registered at the Department of Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Trade and Manufacture, in accordance with copyright laws pertaining to Royal Decree number 65/2008.”
PACI also demonstrated the importance of registrations through its interaction with a social media user. The user said, “I saw my own product being replicated by an expat here, and training others, even though I hadn’t been notified.”
PACI replied, “Have you registered the product and the development of your product for intellectual property? Please contact us with your certificate so we can guarantee your dues.”