Omani photographer's stunning photos capture the magic of Salalah

Energy Wednesday 09/August/2017 21:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani photographer's stunning photos capture the magic of Salalah

Muscat: If you’ve come across stunningly detailed photos of Salalah on the internet, chances are that they’ve probably been taken by Mohammed Al Barami.
The Dhofari native may have graduated with a degree in Geology, but his true passion has always been capturing nature, as opposed to studying it.
A self-taught photographer, Al Barami has been immortalising the outdoors for about a decade, and his passion for wildlife and nature saw him naturally gravitate towards the natural beauty of Salalah and its surrounding areas.
“I studied Geology at Kuwait University, but my hobby is pursuing nature and wildlife in Dhofar and through my photography, I want to show just how beautiful nature and the environment are in Dhofar,” he recalled. “You know, Salalah is a naturally beautiful city and it inspires any photographer to improve himself with the many stunning views you can enjoy.”
“My favourite aspect of this is the documentation of wild and natural life, and the pursuit of the different species of birds as they periodically migrate from the urban to the rural areas,” he added.
Al Barami discovered his passion for the lens when he had just finished school, and was looking for a way to kill time before attending university.
“I actually found out about my love for photography after I finished my secondary school because there was a lot of free time before I joined college,” he revealed. “My friends encouraged me and my parents supported me throughout my experiments with the camera.”
“I have a full-time job here in Salalah; photography is just a hobby for me.”
With his eye for detail and instinct to capture nature in its finest form, Al Barami has learned much from his time as a photographer.
“The important thing I have learned from this hobby is the reward of patience,” he explained. “Sometimes, I have taken more than three hours with little to no movement to capture a photo. It might seem very difficult, but this patience rewards you for your dedication and hard work.
“Sometimes, I have stayed away from my home for many days, especially during my vacation, just to capture the perfect photo,” added Al Barami. “It might be a lot of hard work, but my parents and friends recognise that and they really admire my photos.”
With a very impressive collection of work now on hand, Al Barami has plans to publish a book of his best photos in the future.
“My plan is to collect and document all my photos about wildlife in a book and publish it,” he said, adding a bit of advice for people, who wished to pursue nature photography.
“Keep the environment clean and look after it, because it contains plenty of life and natural beauty.”