7 best fashion trends for the summer in Oman
August 9, 2017 | 7:03 PM
by Antara Bose

Though we are always in awe of models as they parade down the catwalk in exquisite designer wear, let’s face it, not all those sartorial pieces can be worn at typical brunch invitations, the boss’ parties or even when you’re trying to beat your girlfriends as best dressed. The fashion runway is pretty different from street style. So we’ve narrowed down on some summer fashion trends that definitely made headlines at major fashion shows round the world, but look just as glamorously wearable off the ramp too. Couple them with your own style or follow in the footsteps of your favourite designer; our 7 trending style elements will ensure you have something new to show off every day of the week. Apart from your gorgeous self, of course!


As outrageous (but we’d like to call it cleverly innovative) as these new entries may look hanging out on their own, bodysuits can complement pretty much any of your bottoms – a pair of high-waisted trousers, a flowing skirt, and even denim shorts. The design allows for a rumple-free, smooth and seamless fit without making your waist look bulky. Comfortable, casual and stylish, all you need to do is pick your favourite fabric, colour and style and let this piece work its way to a perfect fit.

Puffed Sleeves

You know, the ones that look like you’ve breathed a gallon of air into. Though you might want to take it easy on the ‘gallon of air’, the runways didn’t shy away from some pretty voluminous puffed sleeves. Volume around the arms and shoulders draw attention to the torso, enabling you to ditch worrying too much about the bottoms. A trend that has easily found its way into a myriad of styles, cuts and designs, the puffed sleeve fashion exhibits itself in off-shoulder tops, closed-neck dresses and even jackets.


It’s summer, so we obviously couldn’t let this pass by could we? In fact, florals have manifested itself in some form or the other through the years. Flow-y, long, breeze-kissed gowns or short, summery dresses, the print is everywhere. Taking these blooms to a whole new level, designers went all out in dresses that wear floral from collar to toes (or should we say shoes). This year we also saw a lot of florals that took on a darker turn (and on some occasions, even a little Gothic). Set against blacks, maroons and even deep browns, these flowery prints have gone from just flirty to sensual.


From bright, bold, colour-blocking stripes to the classic pinstripes, we saw most high street fashion brands showcasing an array of their favourite variant of stripes. Whether a pinstriped jumpsuit or one with a dash of vibrant stripes across the middle, they are all the rage. The versatility of this pattern makes them incredibly fashionable — whether as pinstriped formals or radically coloured beach wear. Remember, horizontal stripes make you broader and verticals give the illusion of a longer silhouette; so pair wisely.


Is the new black. And we don’t mean just Barbie-pinks and pastel peaches; we’re talking fuchsias, amaranths and anything that shouts a brilliant hue of pink. International designers have showcased the most stunning collections of pinks in shades we’re probably still looking up the dictionary for. What’s our advice to stay in trend with the colour? Find a shade that matches your complexion and just flaunt that pink. And if you can still not make up your mind, try a pale dogwood or a millennial; that’s once you’ve figured out what that is (wink).


Though sky-high flatforms have accounted for some major mishaps, in moderate inches, these shoes have been delightfully welcomed and have our feet screaming with joy. Probably a more comfortable way to add height without killing our feet, flatforms (not to be confused with platforms) made their big appearance as models strutted this style on catwalks. Now shoe-makers are incorporating them in colours, fabrics and designs that make them stylish and different from their boxy former version. Aren’t we glad not everything fashionable is painful!

Long Chains and Big Pendants

Those chunky, oversized pieces that reach all the way to your bellybutton are the new statement pieces in town. There’s nothing minimalistic about these eye-catching, navel-grazing neckpieces. Charms and beads, a single massive stone or even a set of keys - as long as it is bold, big and boisterous, you’re following the trend perfectly well. These accessories don’t just accentuate your dress, they become the main element. —[email protected]

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