McDonalds fries lighting up Al Qurum Corniche

Roundup Monday 21/March/2022 17:16 PM
By: Times News Service
McDonalds fries lighting up Al Qurum Corniche

Strollers and drivers on Al Shatti Street in Qurum could not fail to have noticed a larger than-life, 3-D model of the world-famous McDonalds fries surprising walkers by. In a  groundbreaking move towards exceptional creativity in street advertising, McDonalds, in  partnership with Muscat Municipality and JCDecaux Oman, have launched an innovative  advertising campaign, the first of its kind on Muscat’s streets.

The McDonald’s campaign  is the first in an initiative to develop innovative installations of outdoor advertising across  the city. It is intended to enhance the reach of advertisers to their target groups and  maximise returns on their advertising spend leveraging on the use of cross-media  marketing. The campaign creates a unique interaction between product and consumer,  whereby it is more of an holistic experience than simply the viewing of a flat image.  JCDecaux has a dedicated network for innovative campaigns that covers key locations  centred around high traffic, footfall and dwell time that enables clients to target various  audience segments.

Mr Ali Daoud (Chairman and president of Al Daoud Restaurants) expressed delight at the  first of its kind animation of the French Fries stating, “It is the most famous and iconic  product for McDonald’s and a perfect fit for such an innovative execution. It will strengthen  our position as leaders in the industry”. He declared that the partnership between  McDonalds and JCDecaux Oman has played a major role in the brand’s growth and  success in the Sultanate, “We truly value the partnership between our organisations”.

This particular innovation campaign will be complemented with an activation on social  media to celebrate the ever-popular McDonald’s fries.

Speaking on behalf of the Muscat Municipality, Sayyid Shabib bin Harib Al Busaidi,  General Director of the Directorate General of Investment and Economic Development,  says that such campaigns produce an effective interaction with the public and contribute  to the aesthetic aspect of the city. He says this is the kind of progressive campaign that  we aspire to create through the strategic partnership between the Municipality and  JCDecaux. We can expect to see more attractive and innovative advertising campaigns  on panels and street furniture across the city in the near future, he told us.

Seconding the value of partnership working, Bechir Chehab, Managing Director of  JCDecaux Oman, expressed the importance of introducing creativity and out of the box  thinking from the traditional forms of execution, thus focusing on innovation in advertising  campaigns. This execution, he says, supports the general trend of innovation in the  Sultanate and supports its vision for Oman 2040. Projects such as this will enhance the  role and effectiveness of outdoor advertising and bring with it a certain energy to Muscat.  In addition, such innovative campaigns leverage on the compatibility of out-of-home to  digital marketing when consumer engagement extends to the social media platforms.

It is with pride that JCDecaux Oman operates as the strategic partner of Muscat  Municipality in managing and operating outdoor advertisements and street furniture  programs in the Muscat Governorate. The company is also the exclusive strategic partner  for managing and operating advertisements at airports in cooperation with Oman Airports  Company. These partnerships are carefully nourished to ensure that collaborative  working produces the best results for the advertiser, the consumer, and the environment.