Oman: Hamar Island, a diver's haven

Oman Wednesday 16/March/2022 15:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman: Hamar Island, a diver's haven

Muscat: Hamar Island 'Hasat Hamar' in Al Wusta Governorate attracts tourists and diving enthusiasts.

Oman News Agency (ONA), reported that Duqm is one of the wilayats of Al Wusta Governorate, characterised by its moderate climate, beautiful nature and the presence of a number of tourist and geological sites, in addition to biodiversity, which made it a tourist destination for visitors from around the world.

Among the most important of these sites is Hamar Island or Hasat Hamar as it is called locally, it is a large rock surrounded by sea water on all sides.

Hasat Hamar's height reaches 98 metres and whose surface width reaches 155 metres. It looks from afar as a large rocky column that appears in the sea. It is 6 km from Nafoun Beach.

Mohammed bin Hamad Al Mahrouqi, who is in charge of running the work of the Environmental Control Department, said: "The rock is a unique geological landmark, as it is made of limestone, and it is a station for migratory birds of various kinds during the months of the year. It is an important area for migratory birds globally. In addition, the humpback whale of the Arabian Sea passes by the island. It is of huge importance to fishermen who recognise it as a guide to know how close they are to land when they see it in the middle of the sea."

He pointed out that the Special Economic Zone at Duqm is now seeking to promote this island, which will attract tourists, divers and those interested in geology.