Buying gold? Keep these guidelines in mind

Oman Wednesday 16/March/2022 15:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Buying gold? Keep these guidelines in mind
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Muscat: The Consumer Protection Authority has published the most important guidelines to be followed when buying gold in order to avoid fraud:

1. You must check the price of a gram of gold in the gold price trading display screen available in the shop.

2. Ensure that the seller is committed to selling at the gram price shown on the display screen.

 3. You have to know the equation of how to calculate the purchase of gold as follows: (gram value + workmanship value) x weight.

 4. Pay attention to the necessity of having a display screen for the weight of gold linked to the scale and visible to the consumer.

5. Ensure that the gold carat is written on the piece.

6. It is necessary to obtain an invoice proving your purchase of gold, including all data related to gold.