Awasr launches 7 new packages for residential subscribers on its 6th year Anniversary

Roundup Tuesday 15/March/2022 14:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Awasr launches 7 new packages for residential subscribers on its 6th year Anniversary

As part of the continuous development and modernization plans carried out by Awasr to continue providing the best services to its subscribers, Awasr launched 7 new home packages, that will provide better speeds, great value-added services with competitive prices.

Engineer Adnan bin Mohammed Al-Alawi, Awasr’s CEO, stated that Simple, Agile, Caring and Smart are the core values of the company, and they are the values that we are always keen to keep in mind when providing services to our customers. Awasr has updated the residential packages with great care after conducting extensive studies of the needs of its subscribers whether by evaluating their use of the Internet or through their opinions collected from time to time to measure their satisfaction. We always strive to provide convenient and exceptional services and products to our customers.

Eng. Issam bin Munir Al-Ismaili, Head of Commercial at Awasr expressed that the company continues improving all services and products provided to its customers. He also stressed that the company’s endeavor to improve speeds, quality of services and products to provide appropriate environment for all the subscribers, whether for home or government institutions, business sector. Awasr has launched 7 new home packages, while continuing providing the successful SafeNet and Jawwy TV services. The new packages will cater to a large customer segment and will allow more to join and enjoy the internet.

Worth mentioning, Awasr has been operating successfully in the Sultanate of Oman since 2015 and has made a qualitative leap in the speeds and quality of the services provided in the sultanate. Where it has introduced for the first time in the sultanate super-fast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps per second for residential customers and 10,000 Mbps for the public and business sectors. Driven by the best technologies in the world, it has managed to acquire the trust of a lot of customers who live within the broadband network in the sultanate. As a result of these efforts, the company won numerous awards of being the fastest broadband internet offered in the sultanate, the speeds are designed to suit the digital needs of the subscribers, where they will be able to enjoy ultra-high Internet services.