Ukraine demands 'immediate' cease-fire

World Tuesday 15/March/2022 07:11 AM
By: DW
Ukraine demands 'immediate' cease-fire
A Ukrainian father waves to his wife and children as they leave on a train bound for Poland

Ukraine has demanded immediate ceasefire and Russia's withdrawal of troops as talks resume.

Companies, foundations and philanthropists have donated $200 million (roughly €183 million) to the UN Refugee Agency's Ukraine emergency response, the UNHCR agency said in a statement on its website.

The UNHCR said that it was urgently appealing for $510 million (€466 million) "to provide initial emergency assistance to those displaced inside the country and for refugees throughout the region."

The agency said that the contributions allowed it to "respond quickly" since the start of the crisis by organizing airlift and truck convoys of assistance for displaced people. The agency has also provided "emergency cash assistance to those in need so they can find shelter, warmth, and food."