Youth Sada in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the second cycle of ‘Habbah’ programme

Roundup Sunday 13/March/2022 14:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Youth Sada in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the second cycle of ‘Habbah’ programme

In partnership with bp Oman, Youth Sada held a closing ceremony marking the conclusion of the second cycle of the ‘Habbah’ programme, under the patronage of HE Mohsin Hamad Al Maskari, Wali of Ibri. The programme aimed at developing the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ad’ Dhahirah region by targeting young Omanis interested in entrepreneurship. The main goal of this programme was to analyze the challenges faced by the SMEs and enhance their skills in many fields such as administration, financial, marketing, and legal fields.

Shamsa Al-Rawahi, bp Oman Social Investment Manager, commented: “This programme reflected our vision at bp Oman; to support our young Omani entrepreneurs and equip SMEs with the essential skills required for business sustainability and growth. Through this programme we were able to benefit 16 businesses within Ad ’Dhahirah region and over 700 participants from different regions of Oman who attended the public training sessions”.

Qais Al Maqrashi, Chief Executive Officer at Youth Sada, further added: “The ‘Habbah’ programme, worked on overcoming the difficulties faced, related to knowledge and skills required for business sustainability and expansion in our local markets; one of the Oman Vision 2040 priority. Additionally, through the open to public training courses in cooperation with specialists, we aimed to promote entrepreneurship and its related topics among interested youth.”

The programme included open-to-public activities and specialised training courses for the SMEs, whereby the specialised training courses focused on business model development, human resources management, financial management, project marketing, business growth planning and contract and bid management. The open to public activities included various training courses on topics such as essential skills for entrepreneurs, digital trading, business models development, future technical projects in the Omani economy, corporate branding, digital marketing and other topics related to entrepreneurship.

It is worth noting that during the ceremony, Youth Sada announced the launch of its programme cycle for the year 2022, which consists of four main programmes: Youth Sada Centre programme, Reading Family programme, fourth edition of the Ad’ Dhahirah Leadership Forum programme and lastly the third cycle of the ‘Habbah’ programme.