Children’s Public Library launches the bp sponsored programme ‘Marefa’

Roundup Monday 07/March/2022 15:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Children’s Public Library launches the bp sponsored programme ‘Marefa’

In partnership with bp Oman, the Children’s Public Library launched its fourth cycle of the ‘Marefa’ programme, which aims to develop the knowledge and skills of kids. This is achieved through a series of exciting workshops targeted towards children aged three to 14, parents and those interested in children’s literature. The programme aims to deliver more than 44 workshops, targeting more than 1200 beneficiaries including children with disabilities and orphans.

The workshops will focus on five main themes which are Literature, Languages and Art, Science and Technology, Health and Environment, Society and Entrepreneurship. The workshops will host a total of 45 international and local trainers and assistants well-versed in those fields.

Shamsa Al-Rawahi, bp Oman Social investment manager, commented: “Our partnership with the Children’s Public Library supports our aim of strengthening education among kids. It is one of the key pillars of our social investment programmes as it supports our society in driving forward a promising future. Last year alone, we were able to benefit more than 1500 people through nearly 50 workshops.”

Rashid Al Kiyumi, CEO of Children’s Public Library, added: “Throughout the pandemic, the ‘Marefa’ programme continued to create more opportunities for knowledge through a series of online sessions using our library’s studio. This opened new horizons for us to reach different groups of local and international children as well as attracting trainers from abroad, which undoubtedly gave the ‘Marefa’ programme an added value.”