Here's how you can have healthy hearing for life

Oman Saturday 05/March/2022 11:56 AM
By: Times News Services
Here's how you can have healthy hearing for life

Muscat: Exercising and eating a healthy diet helps in boosting the body's blood circulation and inner ear tissues, and maintains healthy hearing, the Ministry of Health said.

The Sultanate of Oman recently celebrated World Hearing Day, which falls on March 3 every year, under the slogan “Take care of your hearing and enjoy it for life,” considering safe listening is one of the important means to preserve hearing throughout life.

The Ministry stated that exposure to noise is one of the main reasons that leads to hearing loss in people worldwide, and the Global Hearing Report issued in 2021 by the World Health Organisation, which is the first report of its kind, indicated the importance of avoiding exposure to noise as much as possible, as noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss after a certain age.

The ministry added that to preserve the health of hearing in the workplace, one must do the following:

1- Wear earplugs and noise-blocking headphones while working in departments where the noise rate is high, especially in factories, workshops and construction sites. When using noisy machines the sound intensity should not exceed 15 decibels.

2- Periodic medical examination of workers exposed to noise is important to determine their hearing level. Transfer those with hearing impairment to work in quiet places.

The ministry added that people should protect themselves at noisy parties and musical events by staying away from the speakers and taking breaks at the end of the day and staying away for at least 24 hours from any source of noise.