Places To Swim After Iftar In Muscat

T-Mag Thursday 16/June/2016 15:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Places To Swim After Iftar In Muscat

After fasting all day and then diving into sugary treats and heavy foods at Iftar, there is no better way to bring back your energy than a refreshing swim. Swimming pumps up your heart rate, tones your body, and strengthens your muscles, with zero impact on the joints and a lower risk of dehydration than with other cardiovascular sports. Whether you like to paddle in the open air or indoors, in the salty sea or a crystal-clear pool, this healthy, cooling sport is a perfect after-Iftar activity.

Ocean Swimming
Cool waters, pitch black ambiance, oceanic scents, and star-gazing moments — sounds a bit too idyllic to be real, doesn’t it? Nothing beats a swim in the dark amidst the fish, so drive to your nearest beach and let the soothing waves and dark horizon melt your worries away. Be safe. Make sure to never night swim alone and always let someone know where you are going.

• Yiti and Qantab Beach
• Shatti Al Qurum Beach
• Ras Al Hamra (PDO Heights)
• Azaiba Beach
• North Al Hail Corniche
• Sawadi Beach

Pool Swimming
Perhaps you prefer diving into walled-in, private, temperature-controlled pools. There are several options around the city that are open late enough to accommodate some post-Iftar laps.

• The Grand Hyatt
Fees: OMR10/day
+968 2464 1234
Timing: open till 9pm

• InterContinental Muscat
Fees: OMR10/day
+968 2468 0000
Timing: open till 9pm

• Horizon Fitness, Al Hail (Mixed Branch)
Fees: OMR49/month
+968 2418 8601
Timing: open till 2am