Zubair Automotive Group Map Future Transformations for 2022

Roundup Wednesday 23/February/2022 15:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair Automotive Group Map Future Transformations for 2022

Zubair Automotive Group continues on the path of digital transformation with a recent meeting held at Bait Al Zubair. Attended by  The Zubair Corporation Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Zubair Automotive Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and members of the senior management of Zubair Automotive Group, the meeting highlighted future plans for each company within the group, as well as the actions to be taken by each to succeed. On that occasion, ‘Tawasul’ was launched as in internal platform that links digital transformation to daily operations.
Commenting on future steps for the Zubair Automotive Group, Mohammad Al Farei, COO of the Zubair Automotive Group, said, “We are moving towards a more enriched work experience, both internally between staff, as well as with our clients. A transformation plan has been prepared that enables us to look at the way we work, and change it for the better. We are looking to restructure Zubair Automotive Group, introducing new products and innovations that drive internal development and change. The same will be introduced to our clients to refine the overall customer experience.  Moreover, we are looking to reinforce our HR initiatives, expanding on our network in the Sultanate in efforts towards continuous development.”

Covering Zubair Automotive Group’s executive business plan for 2022, the recent meeting focused on new products and core areas, talented Omani staff members, as well as digital transformation initiatives taking place internally and externally. Presentations were also given by the General Managers of the Zubair Automotive Group companies, including General Automotive Company, Dhofar Automotive, International Heavy Equipment (IHE), and Sayarti Leasing, showcasing each company’s achievements and developments over the past year.

During the meeting, Al Farei added, “As we look towards restructuring the Group and increasing our market share, we will also be reviewing our operations process and realigning it with our long-term plan. This will include a deeper look at staff, providing training and development opportunities while keeping good communication and an increased level of transparency in mind. The provision of increments, initiatives and rewards for employees that are going above and beyond are just some of the ways we are looking to utilize going forward. For our customers, we will be introducing new value-added services and develop the Group companies’ branches to boost our footprint in Oman and in the region.

Tawasul will provide a means for each employee to learn more about their respective lines of work by accessing practical and scientific topics on the portal. The portal will link us all with relevant updates, allow us to keep in touch and give employees the opportunity to provide their feedback. Simply put, it is a new form of efficient communication between all employees and members of the management,” Al Farei concluded.

The Zubair Automotive Group is one of the largest companies in the Sultanate. It was established in 1973 with the beginnings of the blessed Renaissance, to become, within years, one of the largest economic groups in the world of vehicle trading in the Sultanate.