Place of worship in Oman: Jama’a Al Rawdha

Home & Away Thursday 16/June/2016 08:43 AM
By: Times News Service
Place of worship in Oman: Jama’a Al Rawdha

This Ramadan is a great opportunity to go pray in beautiful houses of worship that you might not otherwise take the time to see. Whether for Taraweeh prayers or Dhuhr, pay a visit to one of Muscat’s architectural monuments of faith.

{ Jama’a Al Rawdha }

Al Rawdha mosque is located near the beach in North Al Hail. It is strategically tucked between a few houses near the corniche. Its exterior is eye-catching and very interesting; it’s covered with marble in different shades of brown and beige and features interesting elements such as metal grills dyed grey and black and Duaa verses in gold adorning the main gate. The most appealing element is the hand carvings on the walls, which were expertly crafted by Moroccan master,
Ahmed Al Maghrebi.