Hydroponics Project of ISM harvests rich crop of greens

Oman Tuesday 15/February/2022 21:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Hydroponics Project of ISM harvests rich crop of greens

Muscat: Indian School Muscat harvested hydroponically home-grown greens on 2nd February 2022.  The much-appreciated hydroponics initiative helped students to grasp the basic concepts in agriculture, become sensitive towards the increasing urbanisation that accelerates food demand, resulting in the growing interest and need for vertical farming worldwide.

Students are equipped to face the challenges with soilless agriculture, producing the best of the greens packed with nutrients. Using hydroponics, the initiative was able to save 80 per cent  water over what is consumed in conventional farming.

Training and networking with the growers, Indian School Muscat got the first instalment of the produce of this year. Showcasing dedication towards breeding, processing and transformation; distribution and consumption in an urban environment, students learned cost effective ways to grow one’s own greens.

The group of enthusiastic students and teachers working tirelessly under the guidance of Nanma Krishikootamat Indian School Muscat harvested mint, basil, red and green lettuce  and sold them during recess hours through the temporary sale-counters in the school premises. The proceeds were handed over to the Hydroponic Project. Sachin Toprani, President, Indian School Management Committee was all praise for the wonderful initiative and extolled students and the teachers. “Sowed goodness, reaped goodness in multiples, generating a reasonable yield hydroponically, opening new realms of expertise into daily life,” he said.

Praising and congratulating the students and the teachers for their energy and enthusiasm, Principal Dr Rajeev Kumar Chauhan said, “This is an era heralding, widening the scopes and horizons of education”.  The hydroponics teacher coordinators worked tirelessly helping the students to excel and surface as glorious winners in all walks of life.