3 ways to DIY your Valentine’s Day

T-Mag Wednesday 09/February/2022 19:14 PM
By: Statepoint
3 ways to DIY your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day expenses can quickly add up. With a little planning however, you can design a memorable, do-it-yourself date that truly shows that special someone how much you care, while saving time and money in the process.

Here are some budget-friendly Valentine’s date essentials to gush over!

Devoted Decorations

Adding just a few small romantic details around the house can create an intimate ambiance. Place flowers on the dinner table and light candles for a fresh aroma. Give the candles a festive touch by adding burlap and heart pendants around the sides. Create mood lighting by turning off all main sources of light and spreading tea light candles throughout the space instead. Dress up the rest of the house with red, pink or white banners on the walls and mantle, or with homemade crafts.

Be Mine Meals

Next, plan a romantic dinner and sweet treats to follow. Homemade food can mean more than ordering an expensive meal at a restaurant or takeout, especially when the meal is delicious, nutritious and doesn’t break the bank.  Finish the feast on a sweet note with a dessert that can be shared between a couple or a group of loved ones, such as Valentine’s Day Truffles.

Gush Over Gifts

Smaller, affordable self-care gifts are a great way to make loved ones feel loved appreciated without going over your budget. Consider a new razor or cologne, or create a gift basket full of candy, beauty products, a gift card and candles. Additional gift options can range from a lovable stuffed animal or candy they can munch on.

From the decorations to dessert, you can show your love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day by creating an unforgettable, affordable date at home.